Posted by: twotrees | April 2, 2018

Water flowing underground…

The lyrics ‘water flowing underground’ from the Talking Heads song Once in a Lifetime came to mind after reading a story in the LA Times this morning about how the Sierra snowpack will be greatly reduced in the decades to come. According to the director of UCLA’s Center for Climate Science, that snowpack will be reduced by 64% before the end of the century. The piece goes on to speak about how this will affect humans, largely through the reduction of freshwater, and describes new ways in which we need to store the water for future use. One of those methods is letting water trickle into aquifers that we can later extract as needed.

Not mentioned in the story and of interest to me is what this will do to the beautiful forest of trees in the Sierra Nevada. If you have been there in the past few years, you have noticed that there is a sizable percentage of trees that are dead: some still standing, some fallen.

Read the story here:


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