Posted by: twotrees | March 3, 2018

Their crime may be for being ‘functionally homeless ‘

photo from video provided by KABC-TV

These days it seems not uncommon to hear about people who locked their kids away or worse. Now comes the story of the Joshua tree couple who lived in a 200 square-foot box with three children. Left at that, most of us would fill in the blank’s with the usual conclusions. This circumstance however seems different.

It will be interesting to see this story unwind but today’s LA Times story indicates that the kids were reasonably well cared for, loved and productive in their own way. The crime appears to be the family had absolutely no money,  would not accept  help and therefore lived on the edge.

With close to 100,000 homeless people living throughout Southern California, many of whom appear to not be productive in any way, shape or form, this story is different. Read about them here:


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