Posted by: twotrees | June 29, 2017

Eyes wide open

A piece in the LA Times today indicated that 111 adults chose euthanasia for themselves in California during the first six months of the law becoming legal in the state.   During that time, 191 prescriptions for the life ending drugs were written.

While this topic is controversial, now 18% of Americans live in a state  which allows this final outcome as an option. Those who have never lived through terrible pain may not understand how a person could be driven to ending their own life.    As in other states such as  Colorado and Oregon, more prescriptions are written then actually used. This allows a terminally ill patient the option which gives them comfort and peace of mind.

You might remember that Dr. Jack Kevorkian, and early advocate for euthanasia, was jailed  for eight years in 1999 for his assisting terminally ill patients to their final outcome.

Read the story here:




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