Posted by: twotrees | February 19, 2017

The problem with torture

imageApparently torture is becoming more accepted by Americans, so says Darius Rejali in an LA Times Op-Ed piece today. In 2001, 56% of Americans were opposed to torture. In 2015, 58% considered it justifiable.
And the growth of acceptance is largely based on one’s political beliefs: eight out of 10 Republicans support it while four out of 10 Democrats do.

Professor Rejali and two of his colleagues analyzed 43 surveys released between 2001 and 2015 to arrive at their conclusions.

And when president Trump speaks openly of bringing back torture, it only helps to fuel the acceptance of such tactics, wrong as that might be.

This is not the American way. Our exceptionalism includes rising above what others may do.  Torture is barbarous and beneath us as a civilized society.   It is not how we are going to make America great in the future…


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