Posted by: twotrees | October 24, 2016

The benefits of salmon you didn’t know…

Master gardeners know that fish emulsion is one of the best fertilizers to stimulate plant growth and health.   An editorial in today’s Los Angeles times explains how salmon swimming upstream’s adds to the overall biological health of the echo system of our mountains streams and even our oceans here in California.    It makes perfect sense and is one of those truths that has been hiding in plain sight since time began.

The recent droughts and the years of man made water diversion making it more difficult for Salmon to get upstream where they are either eating or die of natural causes.   In either case their nutrient filled remains  decompose in return back into the earth and our waterways to flow downstream to feed flora far and wide.

This cycle has been intact for thousands of years but is being threatened which in turn could diminish the bounty that the Golden State is known for.

Read about it here:


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