Posted by: twotrees | September 18, 2016

Reefer Madness

Here’s something new:  The Los Angeles Times is urging voters to approve  Proposition 64, which would legalize pot in California.   In their editorial today, the Times explains why and how they changed their position from six years ago to now agree with the current proposed legislation.

Eighty years ago the film Reefer Madness was released, extolling the horors of the bitter weed.  Filled with debaushery, gun play and murder, the movie affected public opinion for decades.  Then America’s longest war, the war on drugs, came into vogue  in 1971 and America has spent trillions of dollars fighting a war that can’t be won solely by trying to restrict supply.

Today, with roughly 15% of American adults consuming cannibas in some form, It appears that the Times sees the tipping point on the subject has come.  Will voters?



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