Posted by: twotrees | April 22, 2015

We’re different but we’re the same

Every now and again I wonder why the world is so messy, at least from a human interaction perspective.
In large part it’s because people are not use to certain things, not exposed to other people, religions, customs, etc…

Today at lunch I mentioned to a friend that wonderful scene from Elmer Gantry where Burt Lancaster walks into a gospel church while the flock is singing On My Way to Canaan’s Land. Many in the pews pause, stop singing and look at the interloper.  He’s white, they’re black and may feel that he doesn’t fit in. That’s a normal response – we all fear the unknown, in this case, he’s unknown to them.

But once he starts to sing, everything changes and without a hitch, all get back into the groove and he is accepted.  It’s a great analog for what the world could be – all different but ultimately, all more the same that we know.


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