Posted by: twotrees | January 31, 2014

Tip my hat to Pete

Pete Seeger

Although I didn’t know much about Pete Seeger most of my life, I became a big fan over the past ten years as my knowledge of American folk music grew. Seeger, died at age 94 Sunday night at his home in Fishkill, New York. The NY Times had a nice obit which gives much history about Pete and where he came from.

Pete was a man who knew his place in America and did everything he could to help his fellow-man and the environment.  His buddy Woodie Guthrie and him toured the country singing songs and encouraging common folk to organize and fight for their rights against unfair employers.  Back in the day, people weren’t much more than chattel and were mistreated and worked nearly to death.  Both Woodie and Pete sacrificed much to help such people believe in themselves and that was a better future ahead.  Seeger was one f the most optimistic people I’ve ever seen – even though he had sadness in his life, like us all.  But he thought he could help make the world a better place and by golly, he was right.

If you want a sample of what Pete Seeger was like, watch this  video of his Rainbow Quest television show featuring June and Johnny Cash.  All have cast away their showbiz shoes and settled down to a living room session that is true Americana.  Thank you Pete for being a good man, musician, music historian, role model and one hell of an American.


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