Posted by: twotrees | January 3, 2014

Living the Aloha

Over the holiday I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Big Island of Hawaii. Having been to other islands in the chain, I had heard that Hawaii was more local, less touristic, mellow.   I had also heard that it was a variety of things one doesn’t expect in the tropics: Moon like, freezing, barren. All these things were true and more. One side was dry and windy, the other was calm and rainy (ala 5x per day).  It really is true – no rain no rainbows…

My take away from the trip was that the Aloha Spirit still lives in this part of the world and was a pleasant experience.  Everalohayone to a fault was nice, calm, decidedly slower than what we’re use to and are intentionally so.   

The image here is a small icon buried in the street in downtown Hilo, which I took a quick picture of while walking one day. A young man noticed this and suggested I take all the time I needed to take the image.

I live a relatively busy life but try every so often to remember the words of Mohandas Gandhi who said “There is more to live than increasing its speed.” Perhaps never more so than during and after this vacation…


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