Posted by: twotrees | November 26, 2012

I dream of Heaven

The day after Thanksgiving brought the passing of Larry Hagman, a gentleman, activists, man of the sixties and seventies and actor.  Larry was a genuinely nice guy, who gained success in television but never let it go to his head.  Larry and Maj, his wife of 58 years, had a home up Sulfur Mountain Road that he called Heaven.  And in many ways, it was.  High enough to reach the clouds, with a view of the mountain range and Pacific Ocean as though taken from an airplane, Larry had built a compound with a lot of neat features.  Id been there a couple of times, one of which was when we did an interview of him for Ventana Magazine (

On that particular day, Larry and Maj were both home and  Larry was giving us the nickel tour.  Through the house we went, into the spa grotto that Maj had designed, past the giant sliding doors on to the south patio.  Up the stairs to the roof (where he proceeded to walk the roofline,).  Then into his den, ending up in the kitchen for a nice chat.  All the while, he had a little bell which he would jingle now and then, which prompted Maj to ring back with her bell of a different tone.  It was how they communicated…

Larry was from Texas but didn’t care for the local politics of the family Bush.  Throughout his life, he did his part in helping progressive candidates move along.  He was also an advocate of solar power, converting the energy at Heaven to become one of the largest residential installations in the U.S.

It’s too bad that this happened now.  Just has Dallas was making a comeback.  As many of the things that Larry had worked for are   coming to fruition.  Mr. Hagman was a gentleman and an all around nice guy.  We need more people like him…


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