Posted by: twotrees | November 26, 2012

Adios Renaissance Man

My friend Enrique Candioti died earlier this week.  Enrique, aka Henry, aka DJ Ambassador Jr., was a very interesting man who did many different things.  Some knew him only as the art director of the VCReporter and Livety Outerwear ( an L.A. based hipster clothing company ; some knew him as the world-class DJ who hosted many a reggae party ( including performances in NYC, playing gigs for the Marley family, etc…);  others knew Enrique as the founder and chief peddler of Henry’s Frozen Delight (, a dairy free vegan ice cream line that was  ridiculously good and expensive to make as well. You’d find EC making the ‘ice cream’ late into the night in a rented kitchen or out at the Ojai Farmer’s Market on Sunday giving free samples to anyone who wanted a taste (Mariel Hemingway was a regular customer)  Some knew him as the young successful freestyle skateboarder back in his native Argentina.

Some knew him as father, son, husband and friend.  About a year ago, Enrique, who was the cleanest living guy I knew, was diagnosed with cancer of the brain and abdomen.  He immediately went in for surgery and seemed to be doing what he has always done – beat the odds with a calm demeanor and a smile on his face.  Over the past year, I’d seen him a few times and was hoping that all his good karma would help him in this battle.  Three weeks ago I took Enrique out for lunch in Ojai (photo enclosed) and aside from being a little slow walking, had no outward complaints.  He said that he was to get an update two days later.  I had heard that he had been refered to hospice, which is when doctors give up on their patient.  But I know Enrique never gave up – he was built differently than that.  I’m sorry for him, sorry for his wife and young son and sorry I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye.  Adios Renaissance Man…



  1. As the daughter of a brain surgeon who operated on many a tumor…. doctors don’t “give up”, they admit when it is finally beyond their control. At least I know my dad never did, but worked to the best of his ability always. Sometimes there are no cures.

    Henry was a righteous dude, knew him in college, so happy to see the skating vid – that was taken the year we graduated. I am so sorry that you have to morn the passing of your friend. I have been in the same position way to often it seems – cancer seems to be the new flu. It seems that clean living makes not much difference in cancer’s eye any more…. the earth – at least, the part in the US – has become toxic enough to assist in killing us regardless.

  2. thoughts in Ojai today… some of the brightest lights die too young

  3. Regarding your article on your friend Enrique, I am sorry about his passing. I, however, take offense to your comment about hospice being a sign that his dr gave up on him. That is not what hospice is about. Medical care is still given to a patient. Ignorant comments like that cause damage. Maybe you should do a story about hospice so you will understand.

  4. Two Trees: It has been 18 months since Henry’s passing and I was visiting him by watching his skateboard videos online when I came across your most thoughtful eulogy. I was Henry’s mother in law; and proud to say, Grandmother of his son, Sebastian. I would like to clarify that Henry did not pass in a Hospice. He chose to live his last days with those he loved, myself included, in his Ojai home. In his bedroom, he was surrounded by his skateboard collection and Tiffany played his favorite Reggae music. He passed peacefully, in his sleep, in the arms of his wife and with me holding his hand.

    Henry had battled his cancer with the same courage and positive attitude that he lived his life. He lived nine months longer than his original diagnosis of 3 months. Unfortunately, the kidney cancer attacked all of his vital organs, not just his brain. Our medical science lacks the treatment for such an onslaught.

    I’m not sure why anyone would take offense at anything in your article. I personally would appreciate if readers would embrace the spirit of your words and your sorrow that there was nothing further that modern medicine could do. I hope you find peace in knowing that Henry’s sweet and noble spirit passed in a place that he loved, surrounded by those who loved him. As a member of the family, I thank you.

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