Posted by: twotrees | June 6, 2012

National Treasure of Creativity

Ray Bradbury, one of the most prolific and creative writers of our time, has died.  He passed yesterday at the age of 91, having lived a full life and left a body of work that is truly amazing.  I first read Ray’s work as a teen, delving into his fiction as a way to ride the cosmos without the benefit of a rocket.  Ray wrote books that influenced my thinking:  Fahrenheit 451 (the temperature that paper ignites); The Illustrated Man (a dark story with a violent ending) and my favorite:  The Martian Chronicles.

It was the latter that caught my imagination – written in 1950, the book speaks to exploration and life on other planets well in advance of America’s commitment to such endeavors.  A teleplay, done on KPPC (now known as KPCC) told the story of Mars is Heaven one of the stories in The Martian Chronicles collection.  I suggest that if you want to experience the concept of Theater of the Mind, you listen to it.  Please do so in a dark room so that you can let the effects take hold of your mind.

Here’s a link to the Dimension X production from 1950:
Ray was proud of what he had done in his life.  Although he didn’t attend college, he did commit to studying daily in a library as a young man.  Eventually he married a librarian and the rest is history.  Ray was given many awards, but was very proud of being awarded the French Commandeur Ordre des Arts et des Lettres medal, which he wore almost every day the last few years (and which is around his neck in the photo above, taken in Ojai in 2010).

Thanks for all you did Ray – we’ll miss you!



  1. Indeed, he will be missed. Ray, with his passion for life – today and the future – was a true role model for us.

    Ed – LA

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