Posted by: twotrees | June 2, 2012

Love You More

My friend and former fellow newspaperman David Glassey passed away last Monday from sarcoma cancer, it was reported in the obits today.  David and I worked together in the early 2000’s when I was first getting my arms around the VCReporter, he was perhaps my first sales manager.  David was a man in his 50’s at that point, but you couldn’t tell  it from the spring in his step and energy in everything he did.  After his time with our company, he moved on to work at the Ventura County Star, United Blood Services and the American Red Cross.  To his great misfortune, both of David’s lungs gave out but to his great fortune, he was successful in a double lung transplant.  I can’t imagine the roller coaster of emotion and struggle during that time but David was always upbeat about his journey and he wound up winning that battle.

I admired him, even if we were different sorts of people.  But one thing we shared was a great love of our families.  On any given day, I would heard David talking with his wife, or encouraging his daughter to do well, have fun, to be the person they wanted to be.  And at the end of every such conversation, I knew what was going to happen:  on the other end of the phone, one of them would say “I love you” and without missing a beat, David would always answer with “love you more.”

Now that he has passed, those words mean even more to me, and assuredly to those closest to him.  Does love disappear when someone goes?  Who knows, but I know that this world will not be as good a place without him…

I’m sure that David will be missed by the many people he touched, me being one of them.



  1. Love never goes even when the one you love is gone. Ever since the day he left this earthly place, I still pine for him and whisper I love you.I can still hear the I love you more in my heart.

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