Posted by: twotrees | May 9, 2012

Where the wild ideas are

As you probably know, Maurice Sendak died today.  Like other adults of a certain age, I was not exposed to him as a young person, but became aware of his magical books when I read them to our boys about twenty years ago.  Sendak, a true individual, wrote and illustrated Where the Wild Things Are, In The Night Kitchen, Chicken Soup with Rice and several other lesser known books for children, although he was known to have said that they were not children’s books.  His interview with Stephen Colbert last year was hilarious, as Sendak stood toe to toe with Colbert’s silly questions–1

Nearly as entertaining is Christopher Walken’s reading of the most famous of Sendak’s book, Where the Wild Things Are.  Walken, always nutty but especially so in Pulp Fiction  and on SNL in the BOC Cowbell skit, reads the book with his usual flair.

I expect that there are some who shy away from his writings but his words and images are indelibly etched into the memories of millions of Americans.  Thanks Maurice.


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