Posted by: twotrees | April 2, 2012

The Poison Among Us

The second segment of tonight’s Sixty Minutes explores the potential harm of sugar, regardless of what form it takes.  Dr. Robert Lustig from UC San Francisco is vehement in his belief that sugar is toxic, and he’s written several papers explaining his reasoning. 

Back in the 1975, I became familiar with William Dufty’s book Sugar Blues, which at the time was perhaps the first warning shot of the dangers of sweet.  The book influenced my decision to scale back my sugar intake to practically zero.  At the time, most focus was placed on the emotional ups and downs that sugar gave consumers, hence the book’s name.  But over the past thirty-five years, research has led us to a better understanding of what this simple ingredient is doing to our population.  Obesity, hypertension, heart disease and now cancer, may all be the destination for people who consume quantities of sugar. 

What’s a safe amount?  Who knows, but one guideline points to 150 calories per day for men and 100 calories for women.  How much is that?  About one can of soda.  But before you think you’re in the clear, know this – sugar is in just about every single item of processed food you eat.  Bread, canned goods, sauces, etc…Caveat emptor.

See Dr. Lustig’s YouTube video explanation here:


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