Posted by: twotrees | November 26, 2011

‘Competitive Shopping’ on Black Friday

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to come together to celebrate the bounty we are lucky enough to enjoy:  loved ones, good health, freedom and beauty in all its forms.  But after the communal feast, some of us turn from human beings into something akin to a werewolf, howling at the moon of opportunity.  The flames of greed, fanned by corporate retailers hungry for a strong start to their most important four weeks of sales each year, will stop at nothing and appear to allow just about anything in that quest.

Black Friday, a phrase coined by Philadelphia PD in 1966, was to identify a day of concern for police due to ‘massive traffic jams and over-crowded sidewalks.’  What occurred then can only be described as milk toast compared to the frenzy that happens now.  On our way back from dinner in Venice  last night, we witnessed a few visuals that were very strange.  Outside of Best Buy in Oxnard, there was a line of 500+ people waiting for the strike of midnight to start their mayhem.  The Walmart parking lot across the street was filled the brim.  And the Target store at the local mall had  a line wrapping the building on down the road.  People were hurriedly parking and double time walking to get their place at the temple of consumption.

Meanwhile, down at the PorterRanch Walmart, a ‘competitive shopper’ used pepper spray to clear the aisle so that he or she could get their hands on an XBOX at X price, presumably for the ex.,0,3572272.story

A dozen people were injured.  At least no one was killed, as happened to an employee several years ago at another Walmart. 

Did you really think that YOU would get the one 55 inch TV they were offering that night at $299?  Really?

Only in America…


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