Posted by: twotrees | November 15, 2011

A funny thing happened on the way to Ventura

Kudos to Randy Lubas, whose dream of bringing a comedy festival to Ventura came to fruition this past weekend. With a dozen venues, fifty comics over three days, one could call it a marathon. As a judge for those three days, it was for me.  Listening to over thirty of them, I learned a few things:
Most are a bit nutty. Some are on medication for it (and use it as part of their performance); others should be. But I’ve got to hand it to those who step up to the mic and try to keep the audience entertained for six to twelve minutes. It ain’t easy.
Having seen several of them do their routine more than once, I now understand that these are more scripted soliloquies than I previously thought.  Sometimes, they were exact repeats of the previous night’s monologue.  Sometimes they were able to spin new material in between the script.  The good ones take what the audience gives them and make it into something new – right on the spot. 

What I also learned is that what I think is talent differs from what pros in the business think.  Maybe that’s why I never really got Seinfeld.  I’d walk into the room, watch a few minutes of it and walk out.   Either I didn’t get it or didn’t want to waste the time watching was is described now as “the show about nothing.” 

I hope Randy starts working next week on the second annual Ventura Comedy Festival – because the world needs to laugh a whole lot more…


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