Posted by: twotrees | October 2, 2011

The True Cost of Education

Too often, law enforcement leadership uses scare tactics to make the point that they need more money to keep our communities safe.  But in today’s Ventura County Star, district attorney Greg Totten makes a convincing argument of the cost to society when kids don’t get an education. One statistic “120,000 students who drop out of school each year will collectively cost California $46 billion over their lifetimes.” That works out to over $38,000 per former pupil. For some, the cost is much more (the cost to incarcerate runs from $40,000-$200,000 per prisoner, per year. Although the dropout rate has declined over the past 30 years, it’s still a problem.  And I think we’d all agree that’s pennywise, pound foolish, but who is going work towards making major changes to the way we do things?

Read it here:


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