Posted by: twotrees | September 29, 2011

Cloudy Day, Beautiful Music


The ninth annual Ventura Hillsides Music Festival happened this past  weekend. The weather didn’t cooperate, a continuance of the lousy summer we’ve had (wait for October people!). The music, more eclectic than past shows, was still good. Notables were the Blind Boys of Alabama, who brought much-needed soul and harmony to Ventura and opener David Lindley, a string plucking prodigy.  He played a variety of odd 6,8 & 12 stringed instruments and sang songs that ranged from hardscrabble farm songs to Bruce Springsteen’s Brothers Under A Bridge.

The Fabulous Thunderbirds, the journeymen blues group from Austin, tried their best in the wake of having to follow the fabulous Blind Boys.  Kim Wilson, the Detroit boy who grew up in Goleta, is one of the best harmonica players touring today, but his ten minute solo was enjoyable only if you appreciate the artistry of playing the mouth harp.  The odd number was the headliner, Chris Robinson Brotherhood.  I like Chris and am a fan of the Black Crows, last having seen them at the Doheny Blues Festival in 2009.  But believe his new band CRB took a tactical misturn by not playing any of the songs that made him famous.  As a headliner, you want to have the crowd leave  with a smile on their face, satisfied for having lasted a full five hours into the show.  That was not the case Sunday, as the Brotherhood played solid but unremarkable jam-rock with a good number of attendees heading for the door before the band finished.  Oh well, a good day, a good cause (saving the Hillsides) and a good place to see friends in the park.



  1. I thought the weather was great. No sunburn, even temperature and dry. Acts were great. Saw lots of friends.

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