Posted by: twotrees | September 12, 2011

New York, New York

It was another life.  It was a while ago.  It was home.  I was born and lived in the upper east side of Manhattan in the 1960’s.  It was great.  It was scary ( I got mugged twice in one day).  It was vertical and exciting.  But then we moved to California.  Still, a big part of me (my core) is a New Yorker.  So when we planned a family trip there in 2001, it was going to be a great time, reminiscing about my childhood and doing all the great things there are to do in the city.  Then, ten years ago today, it all changed.  We all were shocked-incomprehensible…

We landed into a city that had changed.  The bravado New Yorker’s are famous for was gone.  Now they were thankful to have us as tourists.  We did many of the things we hoped to do, but one day, we went downtown to see what was left of the devastation.  The fires had just been put out, after weeks of smouldering.  The cleanup was well under way, but the awe was still apparent.

St. Paul’s Chapel, within a stone’s throw of ground zero, was still there.  Around it were hundreds of written messages, flowers and photos of those still missing.  It was an outpouring of emotion from people who had felt the pain of loss, the hope of a miracle.  And there we were, touching, reading and trying to understand how this could have happened.  As we walked by, I saw a small screen on back of a television truck with Rudy Giuliani on-screen, speaking from within the Chapel.  Throughout the city, there were memorials everywhere – in offices, storefronts and of course firehouses.

It was ten years ago today and I was hoping that the emotion of that day would have faded.  But today’s coverage was too powerful.  I woke Marshall this morning, as I did then, to watch the events unfold.  But this time, they were reading of names of people who had perished by those who had lost a family member.

Let us hope that the hate that fills the bellies of those who commit such acts disappears, so that civilization can get on with living, loving and caring for one another.   Close your eyes and make it so.


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