Posted by: twotrees | August 9, 2011

Neighborhood Gardens








While we hear about the humanitarian crisis in Somalia, there’s still many hungry people here at home.  By that I mean Ventura County, where thousands of people go to bed each night hungry.  How necessary is that?  Look around carefully and you’ll see a great deal of food right under our noses.  Much of it in the form of neglected backyard bounty.  How much food is available?  Literally tons.  Think of the thousands of oranges, avocados and other tree fruit in your neighborhood.  Think of the tomatoes, garlic, and other plants in the ground throughout our county.   My son Marshall, along with Ken Cozzens through City Corps, picked over 350 pounds of oranges from a local backyard in a few hours a few weeks ago.  And there’s so much more out there, waiting to be cultivated.

While driving home tonight, I saw a nearby house with a message to all who pass by –  come enjoy our harvest.  In these times, the words FREE and HELP YOURSELF and most welcome.  We need more offerings like this.  In fact, the world would be a better place if more community gardens were developed.  More poeple would be together, working, laughing, sharing.

In the coming months, you will see an organized outreach program by FoodShare develop in hopes of raising awareness, and asking for your help to gather and distribute food from, by and for your neighbors.  Become part of the solution when this call comes.  Because no one should go to bed hungry, here or anywhere else.



  1. Right on brother, we need more of that kind of sharing of food here in Sacramento too!

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