Posted by: twotrees | June 30, 2011

Old and in the Way

Tina is on a kick of late…wants to go see bands from another era, such as Buffalo Springfield, Moody Blues etc…  Humans have a weakness for nostalgia, for whatever reason, people like to revisit things from long ago.  But things change:  At the Moody Blues show, the crowd acted in an almost Beatlemanic fashion – screaming out song titles, etc…  while the drummer was gloating over the fact that he’s hit 70 and is still kicking.  Truly funny from my vantage point.

With Buffalo Springfield, it was different.  Here’s what we were told on the way in (most likely dictated by tour managers):

If you’re not in your seat before they start the first song, you’ll not be allowed to be seated until after the second song.  Do not leave your seat if Neil Young is singing (I am not making this up!).  Absolutely NO PHOTOGRAPHS!!!

Clearly, Neil, Richie Furay and Stephen Stills weren’t paying attention as all of these ‘laws’ were broken.  Nor did they seem to care – they were rockin’ out and having a good time (for gents in their 60’s!)  But Bowl staff did try to appease the tour managers.  If someone even had their phone in their hand, they were told to put it away. So much for the swinging 1960’s (from which Springfield came).   Lucky I’m hard of hearing…


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