Posted by: twotrees | June 15, 2011

The Road Ahead…

I’ve driven by Ventura High School for many years.  Now that I’m two days from having a former student, I look at it in a new way.  The high school is, after many years,  a bit shop worn.  And so is Poli, the street that runs through it.  If you look closely, you can see a stripe of green grass growing in between the double yellow lines.  And then there’s the potholes.  Some larger than others, many show the original cement road beneath the asphant that has been laid over it since the 1960’s.  Some may see this as an eyesore,  a display of the neglect that many American cities are suffering at present.  Others may see it as a hint of the past, when more simple times ruled and hot rods and bicycles traversed over such roadways. 

As I drive by, I wonder what the future holds and the road reminds me that inperfection in life is the norm.  It reminds me that change is the only constant and that if you don’t watch out to what’s in front of you, you might trip up and go head over heels.

I’ve been told that this section of the roadway will be repaired within a year, which will eliminate the  ugliness of its direpair.   And it will mask some of the character that I’ve come to accept as real life, so I might miss it.  But not too much.


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