Posted by: twotrees | May 16, 2011

Education Up, Population Down

Today’s L.A. Times editorial page tackles the issue of population growth.  As I wrote here last November, human population is a growing problem.  And there are solutions that humanity should discuss to help lessen this problem in the future.  A bit from today’s piece:  “Women who have no schooling give birth to an average of 4.5 children; with just a year or more of schooling, the number drops to 3.  As education increases, the number of births drops.” 

The population explosion affects not only the ecosystem but also the world’s economy.  While discussing this topic has been taboo in the past, it appears to be less so today and I’m glad for that.  The Times piece is a good addition.  Read it here:,0,4170294.story

And if you want a real-time idea of how humanity is expanding (by roughly two people per second) go here:


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