Posted by: twotrees | May 2, 2011

A new perspective

My morning ritual involves going out to the driveway to pick up at least one newspaper.  Sometimes more.  This morning there was something else – a large black crow hanging from the lamp-post.  Somehow, he got his leg caught in the crux of a support bracket, and there he stayed.  I had heard his calls earlier in the morning, but dismissed them as the usual banter he and his family make when the sun breaks each day.  He looked unhappy.  And, over the hour I watched him, tired.  It reminded me of the man who’s arm was pinned in a ravine, now made famous in the film 127 Hours. 

The crow, seeming aware of his predicament, went to work to try to free himself.  No amount of fluttering of wings and contortion of body would free him.  So he appeared to pecking his way free.  Perhaps by deconstructing his own foot. 

I called several city agencies who ultimately directed me to the fire department.  The dispatcher asked some pointed questions, then said that he would send out a truck.

Sure enough, less than ten minutes later, an engine arrived, situated itself under the lamp and began their rescue attempt.  The crow didn’t make it easy for them, pecking at the bar and trying to avoid its contact.  Still, the fire fighter prevailed, pushing the crows leg up so as to dislodge it from the metal bracket.

The bird swiftly took flight, soon followed by his family who appeared to be laying in wait to witness his fate.  I understand that he has returned to our home (both back yard and front porch, for reasons only he knows. 

This family of black birds, which has lived continuously in a neighbor’s tree for well over a decade, has become a fixture in our neighborhood.  As much as I dislike their sunrise cackles, I have a new appreciation for them now.  They are survivors.


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