Posted by: twotrees | April 20, 2011

One Last Purpose

  Driving down highway 101 last Wednesday, I saw smoke coming from the Wagon Wheel site in Oxnard.  I had been told by an anonymous caller to the paper that there was talk of a fire training exercise to be conducted on the site. 

I drove up to the scene to find two dozen CA Fire Exploring Association  students working in and outside of the last remaining structure on the property.  They were being led by a number of fire cheifs that had come from up and down the state to conduct this training.  I watched as these young men and women suited up, chopped wood and made their way through the remaining structure filled with smoke.


Although the Wagon Wheel’s fate has now been cast, it is still given back to the community as its last pieces are being destroyed.  Let’s hope that this site will quickly be converted into its new use, so as to not prolong the scar that is now greets travelers passing by on the freeway.  The final remaining question is:  What is to become of the Wagon Wheel neon sign?  Stay tuned.



  1. thanks for give this news……..

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