Posted by: twotrees | February 11, 2011

People, Books and Hope

  I’m not good when it comes to using gift certificates.  I know that there are some that I’ve had in a drawer for several years.  Two of which were from Borders, the chain bookstore that is reported to be on the brink of bankruptcy.  With that news reinforced last week, I  decided to head down to the local store in Oxnard.  My only other experience there was about three years ago – a lousy track record for someone who has lived five miles from the store for twelve  years.

When I walked in, the place was pretty empty, ten thousand square feet accommodating perhaps fifteen customers.  A bit sad really.  I spent time walking around the store, going from history to politics, culture to language.  Map books, collections of photography, musical box sets…could have spent hours there in total immersion.  Truth be told, I was having trouble figuring out what to buy.  While I was lost in space, a funny thing happened – one section of the store filled with people.  The Ventura County Writers Club, established in 1933, had selected Borders as the new destination for their monthly meeting.  As I was leaving, roughly forty people were gathered to hear speakers discuss proper grammar, how to get your book published and share stories.  It gave me hope that public gatherings for things more noble than WWF still happen.  Boy do we need that.


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