Posted by: twotrees | January 15, 2011

Tom Hayden quotes Robert Kennedy and sets expectations for Jerry Brown

  Tom Hayden, the political leftie icon who, at seventy-one, is an elder statesman from a time when the left was as rambunctious as the right is now, writes a nice piece in the VCReporter this week on what to expect from Jerry Brown.  Brown, at 72 is the returning governor of California, is more of a firebrand and is being handed even bigger problems than his last tenure as governor.  But with California is the most trouble it’s been since the 1840’s.

Hayden’s quote from Kennedy, who was assassinated in 1968 while stumping for the presidency, pertains to the suggestion of a Quality of Life Index, as opposed to the outdated and materialistic focused Gross Domestic Product index now in use.  Read the story here:


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