Posted by: twotrees | October 27, 2010

Fear Factor


These days,  America has an ever-growing number of pundits masquerading as journalists.  Take Glenn Beck for example.  Beck, in addition to being a political commentator, TV/radio host, author and entrepreneur,  also hawks retail items, such as, a site that sells disaster preparedness kits.  While I’m a believer in having stored food and water in case of natural disasters, there’s a point in which such pitches border on the ludicrous, delusional.  Beck’s video here starts off telling about looking out his window in his New York office and that it took time for him to again watch airplanes fly after 9/11.  He then goes on to pitch the product (freeze-dried food in a sack) ending with the prophetic line  “prepare yourself for what we all hope won’t happen, but probably will if you’re not prepared.”

Fear is a great motivator.  It is a great debilitator.  It’s a four letter word that we need work towards eliminating.  Tripe like this hawster’s pitch is just more of the same.

Watch the pitch here:


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