Posted by: twotrees | October 11, 2010

My Hero for Today

   Lest we get too self absorbed, the obit in today’s LA Times brings us front  and center with a young man who has a lesson for us all.  Army Sgt. Ryan Hopkins, twenty-one years of age, died in January from complications from a horrible fireball he was unlucky enough to experience in Baghdad in 2008.  Why the Defense Department announced his death  Sept. 16th, fully nine months later is a mystery.

What’s important is how this young man, who endured thirty (30) reconstructive surgeries, kept his dignity and self-esteem intact.

Read about him here:,0,7741304.story



  1. Nice post! GA is also my biggest earning. However, it’s not a much.

  2. sgt ryan hopkins was a kind person that looked out for people around him and one night ryan had cq and my parents was having a 4th of july bar que and i was seeing one of ryan’s friends and so we brought ryan a plate of food and a soda cause he had to pull a all night cq and my friend didn’t i felt sorry for those soldier’s that didn’t have any family here in colorado and i remember him saying thank you and looking back with a smile on his face and i told my friend lets go so ryan won’t get in trouble he was like a brother to me and i was like a little sister to him he will be missed by everyone who knew him rest in piece sgt ryan j hopkins

    • Thanks for the comments Donna. It’s a very sad story…….

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