Posted by: twotrees | April 28, 2010

Arrivederci Corrado

Corrado Antonio Codarini was born on February 11, 1930 in Toronto, Canada.

In his late teens he teamed up with three school mates and formed the group soon to be known as The Four Lads.  They grew to be one of the most popular a capella singing groups of their day.  Some songs that remain well-known are Standing on The Corner (watching all the girls go by), Moments to Remember and Istanbul (not Constantinople).  They earned five gold records between 1953 and 1956,  played with every major vocalist in the fifties, and were inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 1984.

Here’s a clip of the Lads playing with Frankie Lane in 1956.  Connie is the guy of the far left during the first number:

Connie was a gentle man who, in all the years I knew him, never spoke a harsh word about anything.  In the latter part of his life he tried his hand at many things, mostly as  a restaurateur.  Unfortunately, none of his attempts were of much success.  I can remember a number of times through the years hearing that things were tough but he never let it dampen his spirits.  The most important lesson I learned from him was the importance of saving up for a rainy day, as those invariably come along.

This morning, I heard a song in which the Lads are backup to Johnny Ray.  The song is entitled The Little White Cloud that Cried.  It’s the first time I’ve heard it, but I think it’s appropriate for the setting.

Connie died this morning in Concord, North Carolina at the age of eighty.
He was my father.



  1. Condolences on the passing of a man who possessed a great singing voice. To get the chance to perform with the late, great Frankie Lane is something only the most talented of vocalists earned back in the day. What a great clip!

    • To David – so you know. Connie…..a success? Absolutely, as a human being & a friend. At the very beginning of their glory days, we sat thru their 5-a-day shows w/Johnnie Ray for a week at Boston’s Metropolitan.
      The music was astounding and the fun we encountered when
      Connie would join us dumb-as-dirt, 14 yr olds roller skating in the alley between shows cinched it. We morfed from fans to friends founding their first fan club. Connie ,always gracious, kind and “care-full” of all…. including 14 year old, delicate “emerging flowers”. He could also wear a tux better than Cary Grant! Sail on silver friend.

      • Thank you Bev. It’s Bev, right? I know so little about his early years, stories like yours are especially good to learn.
        Please feel free to expand on any other bits of info you wish to share with me. Email me at

        Dad had recently written, at my request a little bit of his history, early years with the boys, after the music and such, that I am now transcribing. We had just begun the project, in hopes of writing a short book about dad.

        Thanks again – I really appreciate your feedback.

        David Michael

  2. David,
    I was a friend of your dad. We had years of fun up at his place in Medina. I walked in on day one back in 1989 and was there the last day. A few years back your dad pulled a photograph out of an envelope behind the bar. I was of you & your family. He was proud of you more than he may have been able to find words.

    • Thank you for your kind words Gretchen. Although he chose, for reasons I’ll never know, to remain out of my life most of the past forty years, we rekindled our relationship over the past year and spoke the day before he passed.
      Thank you especially for telling me of his keeping a picture of my family close – my biggest regret is that he never got to meet his two wonderful grandsons.
      He would have been very, very proud.


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