Posted by: twotrees | April 23, 2010

The Monarchy of Government

The new Pew Research Center’s study on public trust of government shows that it’s declining faster than ice at the polar caps.  From a high of about 76% in 1960, the charting trend shows a steady decline through the years.  Major

drop offs occur during the Nixon, Carter, Bush 41 and Bush 43 terms.  The April 18 report asks questions across a wide spectrum of agencies and shows America’s dissatisfaction with education, FDA, Social Security, EPA and defense.  The most notable is our disaffection for Congress with a stunning 25%  thinking favorably of that group of politicians.

With certain candidates spending upwards of $100 million of their own money to be elected (Michael Bloomberg as New York’s mayor; Meg Whitman running for Governor of California) it makes you wonder why?

Could it be that having power is so intoxicating that people will spend the annual GDP of the Marshall Islands to become elected?  It appears so.

Read the report here:


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