Posted by: twotrees | April 13, 2010

DNA ties local man to murders

   Just back from the press conference regarding the Husted murders in Faria beach.  Nearly a year after the grisly triple homicide, they how have 20-year-old Joshua Graham Packer in custody.  Such press conferences are somewhat unreal in that you’ve got local police cautiously optimistic that they have their man, family representatives showing the emotion that such an event has on their lives now and forever more and the news gatherers who attend (questions being shouted out, the odd camera accessory dropping to the ground during a pindrop quiet moment and cameras and tape recorders everywhere).    And then there’s the photo of the suspect, who’s hollow black eye stare leads one to wonder how this young man came to find himself in this situation. 

This is going to be a big deal locally, as this crime was usually brutal anywhere, let alone the bucolic area of Faria beach. 

Josh Packer Defensive player of the week Ventura High vs. St. Bonaventure Nov. 2004



  1. They obtained his DNA via a false arrest.

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