Posted by: twotrees | March 19, 2010

Murray Hill Inc. for Congress!

With the recent Supreme Court ruling that corporations have rights heretofore only given to living humans, one Eric Hensel from Silver Springs Maryland is pushing a corporation to run for public office.  Murray Hill Inc. is officially trying to make in onto the ballot, running in the 8th district congressional primary as a republican.

This obvious farce candidacy is testing the new ruling.  The Supreme Court ruling, by a 5-4 vote, allows among other things for corporations and unions to give unlimited funding to political parties, the same individuals.

“It’s our democracy: We bought it, we paid for it and we’re going to keep it” is one of Murray Hill Inc.’s slogans.   I agree – since politics is largely run by money now, let’s drop all pretense and throw out any semblance of reason and balance.

Maybe, one day, Murray Hill Inc. can break Robert Byrd’s record of having served over fifty-seven years in congress, as corporations never die, they just dissolve…


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