Posted by: twotrees | February 14, 2010

Lying can be murder on one’s reputation

News of the Saturday arrest of Jane Laut on suspicion of killing her husband of 29 years brings this story full circle from where it started in August of last year.   As reported in the Star on Sept. 3, Jane Laut, told police she heard gunshots after her husband went into the backyard to investigate suspicious noises.  Dave Laut, the former Olympic medal-winner, was found dead in his backyard with multiple gunshot wounds to the head.  As the time, the story was that there were prowlers and that perhaps they had committed the crime.

Jane’s attorney, Rob Bamieh, tells different story, says that his client indeed used ‘deadly force’  – as self-defense against her husband, who that night had threatened to kill her, their son and two dogs.

We’ll have to wait to see how this story unfolds.  The difficulty will be reckoning her claim of physical threats with his history of being the all- american good guy.

One thing’s for sure – her lying early on about the events of that night certainly doesn’t help us to get to the truth.



  1. What kills me, no pun intended, is if any sane person shoots another person in self defense, they would call the police immediately and confess and not make up some crazy story about prowlers. If you are indeed fearful of losing your own life, you can defend yourself.
    But I guess when you have Ron Bamieh as your attorney, lying then making up a defense about a self defense post factum could work. Not sure if a jury will see it that way.

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