Posted by: twotrees | January 9, 2010

The terrorists have already won…

The war on terror is now officially into its ninth year and there doesn’t seem to be an end to it. Iraq, Iran, Libia, Afghanistan and now, Yemen –  it just won’t stop. I was thinking about when Tina and I were just married in 1986 and ran to catch a flight in Hawaii – we actually got on the wrong airplane and sat down. When the rightful owners of the seats arrived, I was indignant, telling them that these were our seats. At last the flight attendant asked to see my ticket, at which time she informed me that my ticket was with another carrier and that we were on the wrong plane.  Oops!

Fast forward to 2010: You now must arrive at least an hour earlier than back then, are inspected, detected and rejected for such inane things as nail clippers, then have to wait some more.

If it’s true that there are 2 million air travelers in the U.S. each day, then by my calculation we are wasting a collective 288 years worth of time per day more than we did just 25 years ago, all in the name of counter terrorist inspections.
On that front, I believe the threat of terrorism has scared us to death…death of precious time that is…


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