Posted by: twotrees | December 20, 2009

Presence, not presents

The Holidays are upon us.  Once again my family asks ‘What do you want for Christmas dad?’  More and more, what I want is something only they can give to me – their valuable time:  to be with me, to enjoy life’s experiences together, to ask them to learn something that is important to me, to just be here, be present.

Physical possessions conflict me:  I want, like so many others, the things in life that bring us pleasure:  A new TV, a new computer, a car with fewer than 230,000 miles, etc… Yet, I choose to fight the urge and to do without those things for now.  As the years roll by, I have taken to using the phrase that I’m in “my deaquisition phase of life’ meaning that I want to have fewer “things”.

Better, not more.  What I’m hoping to do eventually is to simply replace, within reason, the things that I do have with better, newer models, passing down my old ones to those who don’t have them.  In this way I give as I get.

I’d like to think that if more of us used the Better, Not More mantra, we could apply it to many things and make it a better world.  And spare lots of innocent rolls of wrapping paper too!


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