Posted by: twotrees | December 13, 2009

Policy decisions require real science and real solutions…

The headline above are words from Sarah Palin’s Facebook post of Dec. 3 and the only part of her post that I agree with.   In it, she discusses the stolen emails which have become known as ‘Climategate’ which the fanatical fringe is using to discredit dozens of prestigious scientific organization’s collective thought – that climate change is happening and is in large part caused by human activities.    Read her position here:

The more impressive and credible letter sent to Congress on October 21 by 18 scientific organizations was represented by hundreds of highly educated, credible professionals.  They all agree that it’s happening and that sufficient proof exists to a their measured statement to senators as they consider what to do about the situation.  In their words they “write to state the consensus scientific view”, read the letter here:

The facts are clear – scientists agree.  Still there are many who are stating otherwise and are using dubious information to make their case.  The old saying ‘never let the facts get in the way of a good story’ come to mind.

To those who are undecided on this issue, may you heed the words (if not deeds) of former Governor Palin “Policy decisions require real science.”  Not political spin.



  1. You have to remember these scientists are pushing whatever their employer wants…it’s a job security thing. Governments have these scientists on the payroll.

    Have you seen the greenhouse gases or proliferation of C02? Do you know of any other warming trends in history? Is your adherence to the belief that we are killing our planet with the same constituents that built the planet based on a couple of digitized shockumentaries?

    Your freedom and constitutional rights are in the balance, not to mention the re-tooling of America and your pocketbook. Please keep an open mind, I have a great list of all the benefits and uses of C02…check it out.

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