Posted by: twotrees | November 12, 2009

Some Good News

Brown Pelican News of the brown pelican having been taken off the endangered species list is cause for a celebration.

Forty years ago, these gentle giants were dwindling, succumbing to the effects of DDT on their ability to reproduce.  In short, it made their eggs too brittle to sit on, and most broke before the eggs could hatch.  The EPA banned DDT in 1972 and slowly, it has dissipated from area waters, allowing the pelicans to recover.

I’ve heard that all browns in California hail from the Channel Islands, where the Star reported today that there are now 4,500 breeding pairs.

We’ve all seen how these birds gracefully glide along the top of the ocean and waves, jet up to altitude, observe prey (fish) and come crashing missile like into the water, generally with a catch in their month.  They look prehistoric.

If you’re in the water close to them, their effect can be quite dramatic…


In other news, the Mormon Church in Salt Lake City has announced that it will now support proposed city laws that would prohibit discrimination against gays in housing and employment.  This is good news, as they continue to fight the black eye earned last year for heavily funding the YES ON 8 campaign which succeeded to add these words to the California Constitution: “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.”  In so doing, Prop 8 overturned a previous California Supreme Court ruling which allowed same-sex marriages.  It’s a small step in the Tolerant of Others category.  At this point in American history, we need all such steps we can get.


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