Posted by: twotrees | November 4, 2009

Post Election Wrap up

I votedThe day after an election has a calming effect.  Much activity, effort and dollars were focused on elections across the nation and here in Ventura, it’s no different.  Some general thoughts:

City Council Race:  Mike Tracy was the big winner (7,411 votes) followed by Neal Andrews (6,945) Jim Monahan (6,488) and Brian Brennan (5,670) to fill the four open seats.  Incumbent Ed Summers finished fourth (5,059) followed by ten also rans.  These results were not surprising.  What is surprising is that some people are already anointing Tracy for the mayoral position.    A shout out to the Ventura Police Officers Association for their hit tactics against Andrews – it certainly sealed his victory.

The field was large and the campaign trail long, as all candidates suffered through seventeen public forums, television and newspaper interviews and lots of phone work over the past two months.  Ken Kozzens, who fared better than many others, said the experience was exhausting and not one he is likely to repeat.  


Measure A  –  the 1/2 cent sales tax, lost as 56% of voters said no.  This isn’t surprising as the anti-tax mantra has been sounding out loudly on many fronts and in many forms.  What remains to be seen is how the city, already $2-3 million further in the hole due to the decrease in sales tax collection, will now deal with having to make ends meet without the $7+ million Measure A would have generated.  For a  start – expect the Wright Library to close before year’s end. For another:

“Thank you for calling 911, please listen carefully as our menu has changed – your estimated wait time is 29 minutes…:

Measure B – Protecting the Viewsheds…lost with 75% of voters rejecting the notion of tall building Canyonization would be coming soon.  Reminds me of 1998’s Measure A which would have turned Midtown into Santa Barbara, or so proponents said back then.   We all like views, let’s just keep those in charge on the ball and doing the right things for our future.

Of particular note is the $28225 listed on Campaign form 460 as being contributed by Camille Harris towards this initiative.  Now that’s putting your $$ where your mouth is.

Measure C – No Big box initiative – failed as 55% of voters said no.  I understand the reasoning here – half the people hate Wal-Mart and 450 unionized grocery workers (and their families) are fearful that such a retailer could affect their livelihoods in the future.  What I didn’t like is the idea that this could stop Wal-Mart from coming, because it wouldn’t have done that.

Oxnard’s Measure E – for education, also failed.  Although the money went to schools and elderly could avoid participating, this measure failed by less than 500 votes, in a city of nearly 200,000. 

Thanks to everyone who participated in the process, life would be so boring without you!



  1. For $1 per year rate on Wright Library, l would hope they would keep it open as long as the lease allows and just adjust hours / staff between downtown and there.

    I wish we could employ kids like from City Corps, schools or other organizations to give them work experience and help keep programs going.

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