Posted by: twotrees | October 9, 2009

A New Era of Engagement

Barack ObamaIn a surprize vote, the Nobel committee has chosen to give Barack Obama the prize for diplomacy after less than a year in office.  It may be the first time that the prize was given , as the president acknowledged, “to give momentum” to future actions, as opposed to past achievements.  Call it another vote for hope.  “I do not deserve to be in the company of past recipients” who have done so much, he said. 

Compared to the leadership and lack of collaboration among world leaders in the past decade, much has changed in the past nine months.  Let’s hope that this propels Obama, and all the world, to prioritize diplomacy and agreement to the top of the agenda.  Because it’s already a smaller world than it was before the announcement.



  1. What I find particularly awesome was that the deadline for nominations was back in early February. This means that with only a couple of weeks in office under his belt, the committee still felt that the big O was qualified!

    I hear their next step is to start giving away Nobel prizes in cereal boxes!

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