Posted by: twotrees | June 1, 2009

Democrats are Gearing Up

Pedro Nava pitching for California AG

Pedro Nava pitching for California AG

Yesterday I went to the annual Spring Fling and Candidate’s Forum sponsored by the VC Democratic Party.  Entitled Meet California’s Future Attorney General, the event was attended by three candidates for the 2010 AG race as well as local politicos.  Pedro Nava, Ted Lieu and Alberto Torrico each spoke about their past, experience and hopes for the future if they were to be elected.  All three were good:  Nava, the local boy who got his justice experience in Fresno, Lieu, a Georgetown graduate who grew up in Torrance and finally Torrico, the current Assembly Majority Leader.

Of the three, I was most impressed with Alberto Torrico, who told a story of how he fought for justice in his legal past.  “I’ve been thinking about the last four words of our Pledge of Allegiance lately” he said “And Liberty For All means a lot to me…”

Two candidates I would like to have seen but did not attend were LA City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo and Kamala Harris…


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