Posted by: twotrees | January 16, 2009

Unconscious Incompetent

  Leaders should not be unconscious incompetents    There is a hierarchy of consciousness which states that as one gains awareness, one gains the tools to make better decisions. 

Level 1 – Unconscious Incompetence – Not knowing that you don’t know something  Level 2 – Conscious Incompetence – Knowing that you don”t know something.  Level 3 -Unconscious Competence – Knowing how to do something, but not in a teachable way and finally Level 4 – Conscious Competence – Which is knowing something so well you can teach it to others.

Like the Peter Principle, President George W. Bush was elevated to a level of incompetence.  After eight years of watching his leadership, I firmly believe that not only was he incompetent in his job, but also oblivious to that fact.  ‘Often wrong but never in doubt’ comes to mind.

The signs of Unconscious Incompetence are:

– the person is not aware of the existence or relevance of the skill area

– the person is not aware that they have a particular deficiency in the area concerned

– the person might deny the relevance or usefulness of the new skill.

He bought that there were weapons of mass destruction.  He bought that Hussein was in bed with Bin Laden  He bought that we were powerful enough to overcome his ‘bring them on’ rhetoric.  He bought the line that the ‘mission was accomplished.’  He bought Greenspan’s ‘freemarkets’ self correction’ line.  He bought Alberto Gonzalez’ partisan DOJ program.  He sold us on the idea that taking away our freedoms made us safer.

Leaders should not be unconscious incompetents

And then he told us to go shopping.  And we did, and never stopped. Never stopped that is until every last dollar was spent and more. 

President Bush leaves office with two wars raging, the economy in shambles, America’s stature at a low point and a very divided country.  In tonight’s speech, Bush said  “I hope you can agree that I was willing to make the tough decisions.”  While that’s true, most Americans, including me, think that too many of them were the wrong decisions.

Mr. President, Houston is calling.  Go now quietly into the night.



  1. it seemed like Bush was trying to justify making the wrong decisions by calling them “tough”… but this is silly. Every president has to make “tough” desicions… the main issue is, were they the RIGHT decisions?

  2. “bought” or “shopping” are verbs you used in describing Bush behavior.
    He was like a dumb kid in a candy store…
    and now he’s gone home with shit on his hands and face.

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