Posted by: twotrees | December 18, 2008

Change can’t come fast enough

  george-w-bush2Today, President Bush continued his conversation regarding his legacy, even as the country’s economic crisis worsens, the two war fronts show few signs of improvement and his administration moves to enacting last minute legislation that will be detrimental to the environment for years to come.

During a Washington forum yesterday that marked World AIDS Day, Bush said “I would hope that when it’s all said and done, people say, ‘This is a guy who showed up to solve problems.’

 “And when you have somebody say there’s a pandemic that you can help, and you do nothing about it, then you have frankly disgraced the office.”

It’s true that this admin’s efforts battling HIV in Africa have netted results, but on almost evey other front, Bush’s legacy will be among the worst in American history.  Read about his legacy talk here:

dick-cheney2  Meanwhile, Vice President Cheney, in an ABC interview, admits that he was instrumental in bringing the controversial practice of waterboarding into use against our enemies.  This admission, on national television with no sign of concern or remorse, shows that Cheney is among those who would use torture under the pretense of keeping America safe. 

His surefire straigh talk might be evidence that he, as well as others including the president himself, may be expecting that a pardon before Bush leaves office on January 20, 2009 will protect them from prosecution after they leave office.

Truly, change can’t come fast enough…


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