Posted by: twotrees | November 11, 2008

Couple of quick items…

I was surfing local blogs and found something interesting on Brian Dennert’s blog at the Star – If you’ve not seen the ads against Proposition 8, watch them here before they too melt away


Accoding to some sources, there might be hundreds of thousand of our service personnel The suicide rate of those under the age of 29, are more than twice as likely to committ suicide.  And that rate represents more than doubled in the last few years. Yet there is not enough support from the VA to help those in need.

A recent study in the journal Military Medicine examined rates of PTSD and the success of these VA programs among 120 service members returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

They surveyed the returning service members on their PTSD symptoms, depression, alcohol use, and their use of VA mental health services. Their findings for mental health problems are quite alarming:

  • 6% had PTSD
  • 27% showed dangerous alcohol use
  • 6% had problems with both PTSD and alcohol use

They also found that 62% of service members reported receiving some kind of mental health care since returning home from Iraq or Afghanistan.   Here’s a link to PBS’ News Hour with about 12 minutes on this topic: health .

There is a local Ventura County story on a potential treatment of veterans suffering from PTSD, however, due to a required FDA news blackout during pending research and approval, the story will have to wait until the spring to be told publicly.


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