Posted by: twotrees | October 20, 2008

How much is enough?

 How much is enough?  This is a question that could be applied to many questions.  In this case, I’m talking about people, on this orb we call earth.  How many people are enough?  In the BBC series Planet Earth, a quoted scientist says that we are already above the quantity of humans which are sustainable.   And yet we continue to grow… according to the U.S. Census, at about 7 million per month worldwide.  As of Oct. 1, there were an estimated 6,727,094,555 people on the planet.  That’s 6.7 billion people.

In the United States, there are now over 305,000,000 individuals. 
Sunday’s L.A. Times had a large ad who’s headline says ” Population, Immigration And The Forseseeable Limits of America’s Capacity:  A conundrum Of Epic Proportions For the Progressive Thinker.”  It is a well crafted ad that opens the discussion that if left unchecked, immigration growth will push our population to 400 million in just 30 years, with chanlenges and consequences that follow such growth.
I for one have been concerned for several years about overall population increases but have not studied the effects that immigration is having on this country’s population. 
At the bottom of the ad are five organizatrions which list their websites.  The are:;;; and
This is the first effort of it’s kind that I have seen which tries to address this issue in such a manner.  But if you have been watching TV of late, you might also be familian with T.Boon Pickens and his effort to steer America toward alternative energy.  I’ve nto studied his Pickens Plan but it is another example of private citizens who are trying to take policy matters into their own hands.
And rightly so, as our elected officials have proven themselves to be failures at putting solutions into action on matters such as health care, education, defense and budgetary issues affecting Americans.
If those we elect don’t get the job done, let’s toss them out and work together to push forward.

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