Posted by: twotrees | October 9, 2008


   Last night, I watched the film In The Heat of the Night with Sidney Poitier and Rod Steiger.  It’s a story of a black Northern policeman who becomes involved in a murder investigation in Mississippi in the early 1960’s.   At that time, racial inequality was still very strong in America, especially in the South.

The film, in which Steiger won an Academy Award, is memorable on a number of fronts, one of which is that one character in the film says ‘there was a time when I could have had you shot for doing that” to Poitier for returning a slap in the face that the quoted man initiated by slapping the black officer.

The screening was followed by comments from a film writer who mention that during that time in America, some states in this country still had laws that made interracial marriage illegal.  100 years before that, slavery was legal in the United States.

Which brings me to gay marriage and Proposition 8, the initiative to end marraige between people of the same sex.  According to recent surveys, more than half of California voters are in favor of Prop 8.  Over $25 million has been contributed to the Yes on 8 campaign.

Imagine if the same fervance was directed to any of the previously mentioned former ‘societal standards – slavery and inter-ratial marriage.  Would there be an outcry? 

The sad part is that Prop 8 sends a message that we want to turn back the clock to a time of less tolerance, less joy to others, less love in this world.  It allows those with fear in their hearts to foist their values upon others, which is not what Jesus or any other great humanist would want.  It is selfish and wrong.

Vote no on 8



  1. Interracial marriage and same-sex couple wanting marriage are two distinct intellectual discussions. Gays who talk this way are insulting racial minorities by attempting to equate their sitaution with that of racial minorities – they are two different things – and blacks resent it. Yet another example of gays bootstraping on the backs of real minorities such as blacks.

  2. Thanks for your comment. While they might be different, my point was that in the past, interracial marriage was illegal, due to societal mores of that time. Times change, and such divisive segratory issues go by the way side, as they should. Speaking to this particular issue, how can anyone who believes in the sanctidy of marraige, a contract between two humans to care for each other, deny it to those who want to practice it? Under the guise of religion? How would you like to be told what to do and believe? I sure don’t want that…do you?

  3. Gays are a minority. They are treated as if they are some sort of diseased beings because they fell in love with the same sex.
    Having one woman tell me that she didn’t want to attend the gay festival because she didn’t want some chick hitting on her is the same as saying she didn’t want to attend a “black” event because she didnt’ want some black guy hitting on her.
    We are in fact regressing in society by fueling this kind of hate. By treating homosexuality like some sort of infection. It is in fact something people are born with and most of the time are afraid to come out about because they don’t want to be treated poorly. Just like the slaves were treated centuries ago.
    Twotrees makes a valid point and i am sorry people can’t see the relation.

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