Posted by: twotrees | October 5, 2008

The Way They Were…

  Here’s an oversimplification:  Republicans have in the past been proponents of smaller government  (less spending) to allow the free market to work, less regulation (ditto) and pro-business policies ( read – less taxes and regulation).  Democrats espouse social programs to help less the less fortunate and regulation to protect people, the environment, etc…

Over the past eight years, two things have unquestionably happened:  accelerated government spending   and federal debt that this year will top $1 trillion dollars



This is clearly not good for the country and sets us on a course that will take years to correct.  Until that time, we taxpayers will likely see HIGHER taxes, interest rates and a continuation of slow business growth

If the past eight years haven’t proven that the president and congress don’t know what the hell they are doing, then nothing ever will.

As David Lazarus sites in today’s LA TImes piece, the country’s debt load represented just a third of gross domestic product when Reagan arrived in Washington. By the time Bush gallops back to Texas in January, our debt will represent about 70% of the overall economy.  And a quarter of our debt is owed to foreign countries, much of it to Russia, China and Arab countries.  Now that ‘s what I call homeland security…



  1. If the Oval Office is in the cheap seats regarding the federal deficit, Congress can’t even find the stadium. The best I can do is suggest a copy of the boardgame CLUE for each member of Congress because I know they don’t have one.

    Thanks for the post & the link to the LA Times article.

  2. The way I see it is that marketing has taken over substance in Government, business and the media. Words are often re-defined to sound more palatable to the public, Democrats and Republicans alike unless caught with their pants down…many times literally, will NEVER admit nor apologize for a mistake and the newes media has simply become another marketing arm for both politicians, big business and other special interest groups.

    With the blatant gerrymandering to protect incumbents and the lack of any sort of competition of candidates in the same party, we are left with few choices other than to really let our representatives know what we want from them. Write them once a week. Call their offices, watch how they vote and let them know what you think.

    Only then will we get a government by the people and for the people. We as Americans have collectively become way to comfortable letting others tell us what to buy, what we should like, who to vote for and what to do with our money.

    Time to just say no.

  3. have you seen any of the stats about the impact here following the bailouts? the dept is getting to be all-consuming…

    unfortunately compassionate conservativism has come to mean compassionate for those like ourselves and not for others…

    did you receive the email that went around just before the election about stiffing the waiter?

    here’s my take on it:

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