Posted by: twotrees | September 18, 2008

It Hurts Local Non Profits

Parent of the Ventura County Star

Parent of the Ventura County Star

 Now comes word from a local source that the Ventura County Star is changing it’s arrangement for area non- profits.  For years, the Star has been generous, very generous by giving or selling at a steep discount, advertising for non profit events.  And I have spoken publicly about that generosity and how nice it has been for the community and the organizations.  That apparently is changing.

Not only are the rates for non-profits doubling but the Star will now require print exclusivity to sponsor events.  This is the part that hurts the community.  Enough has been written about how daily papers are in decline and 2008 has been an especially bad year for newspaper revenue.  So adjusting their rates so as to not lose money on transactions is to be expected.  But the exclusivity aspect puts a hurt on non-profits who normally make multiple requests from an assortment of local media to help them get the word out, which helps generate funds, volunteers, etc…  That’s too bad because non-profits are having a tough enough time staing afloat in these times and need more, not less assistance so they can continue to do the work that benefits us all.  If you want to chime in to their publisher, email George Cogswell III here –


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