Posted by: twotrees | September 18, 2008

Beyond the Palin

Bristol doing her best Linda Blair   Don’t get married on the first date.  Good rule of thumb.  That’s because over time, as you get to know someone, things are revealed that might make you change your mind about if this is the person you want to spend the next four years with.  Take Sarah Palin.  She did say that she turned down the ‘bridge to nowhere’ funds from congress in her national stage debut didn’t she?  Not true is appears.

Now comes more revalations.  The reports that she was using a personal email account for some official coreespondence and, once the email was hacked and publicaly revealed, the account disappeared.  Official correspondance and all.  This type of behavior (which may be illegal) is not a good way to build confidence among voters.  Read more about it here:


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